Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sawa sawa

Last night, I arrived to Nairobi! I got a cool visa in my new passport and after claiming my lost baggage was greeted by Irene Mwangi, and Mr and Mrs Beauttah. I was excited they had come, I'd expected to have Irene meet me, but to have Mr and Mrs Beauttah show up made me feel that much more welcome :)

We took a taxi to the apartment Irene and Esther share - WYA Africa staff unite! I was quite happy to see the pilates ball I gave them is being put to good use as one of their living room chairs! It was so great to see them, Esther served me delicious non-plane food and we just chatted and caught up. Irene also gave me a little introduction to the large and small mosquitos Kenya has, with the large ones not carrying malaria. Conveniently, there was a large mosquito on the ceiling which she could point to, I thought it was a daddy-longlegs spider! I got up as close as I could to see that it was actually a mosquito, we took a picture - I have proof that spider sized mosquitos exist. After taking his picture we thought it best to name him. As he is Kenyan and larger-than-life, we called him Obama. I just hope he doesn't get squished by someone unaware of who he is!

Today, Esther and I took a matatu into the office to visit Irene and the interns. We rode on one which markets to teenagers by blaring hip hop and rock music with tv screens on the bus! We stood the whole way, Esther was impressed by my anti-pickpocketing purse hold :) I think I'm still somewhat deaf from the ride and my right arm will be sore tomorrow from holding on. The roads are very potholed outside of the city center which makes for some funky directional changes.

Day one is half over, I'll now get back to work before we head to Caroline's house this afternoon for tea.

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