Thursday, November 13, 2008

Buru Buru

I am staying at phase 5 of Buru Buru in the Eastern Headlands. The best way to travel there is by the hip hop matatu, although there is a "normal" bus that actually follows the traffic signs - it is much slower. En route from Nairobi center to Buru Buru are numerous roadside stands. I noticed yesterday one stand selling grave-stone markers, anything from crosses to hearts to the standard variety. I also passed one this morning selling soccer cleats - very cool cleats, it made me want to shop! You can get everything from leather shoes, to nighties, to bananas to electronics equipment. All the while you're being tossed around while dodging people, other buses, and road dividers - there is no point in dodging potholes :)

Last night, Noreen, one of the girls I am staying with cooked Ugali, a bony fish and scuma wiki. Ugali is a paste made of flour and water which you roll around in your hand and then use it as a spoon to scoop up the scuma wiki (greens) and fish. The fish also was to be eaten with your hands. Irene was kind enough to eat the head, eyeballs and all, and to leave me with the middle section. I've had a bit of practice by now eating with my hands, but realised about 5 minutes into the meal that I've likely got my idea of how to eat with my hands from babies - I was by far the messiest eater :p

Today, I've brought a frisbee with me to the office, at some point I'll take the interns to a park nearby and introduce them to the greatest sport :)

Of course in the midst of all this, I'm also working! I expect no one to believe me...

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dominicanultimate said...

how much for the cleats?