Friday, April 30, 2010

This Blog Will No Longer Be Active

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Friday, April 2, 2010

The Last Hurrah!

This past Friday, March 26 was WYA's Annual Blue Gala. It also marked the final evening of my years as president of WYA and the start of Francois Jacob's new role as WYA's 3rd president.

The event was absolutely beautiful with board members from around the world, along with staff from every region, many of our supporters and friends. It was an opportunity for me to thank many of the people who helped me through the moments of greatest difficulty and inspired me to keep going when I only wanted to quit. Not everyone was there, many of the staff alumni and a few of my closest mentors were unable to be there - which was also a reminder of how incredibly diverse WYA's reach is and how lucky we are to have such successful people working with us, scattered around the world.

There were a few minimal speeches. We welcomed Francois with a very cool laptop bag and some notebooks. I had always had a great memory until I became president, by now my memory is about as long-term as a goldfish's. My notebooks have kept me organised and reminded me of many essential and funny ideas over these past years.

WYA presented me with some blue scrubs for my future career in medicine. The WYA logo is embroidered on the front and on the right sleeve is "president, 2007 - 2010" when I'm working with patients I hope that extra title impresses them :) I was so happy to receive them. As I looked, suddenly my future plans began to seem real as I realised that soon I can practically live in scrubs!

On Saturday, March 27 there was a brunch with many of WYA's staff, interns, friends, members and some board members. It was a more relaxing event and another opportunity for us to be together and chat. It was also the first opportunity to hang out with everyone without an official title!

I didn't feel any different yet, because I'm so used to being president that I was aware of all the work that went into the event and that would follow. I also knew all the thoughts Francois *should* be thinking to prepare for staff meetings the next week and also that I should allow him to encounter his new job at his own pace. I held my thoughts inside - as hard as that was!

By now, I've had a week not being president. I still have at least a week's worth of work to clean up files and finish up my projects for Francois. I've also been able to help out a little with various staff or projects. I still feel like I'm working for WYA, and to a certain extent I hope that sentiment remains with me for life, that I'll always want to help out with anything WYA needs.

For now, I've been able to sleep more, relax and hang out with the staff and... go for a jog in Central Park on a weekday during work hours!!!

As I am no longer WYA's president, I must now ditch this blog. Should you wish to follow my adventures and sporadic postings please visit my new personal blog at