Thursday, July 2, 2009

Another smouldering hot day, I'm now up to knowing 3 of the 5 steps of basic Thai massage and my thumbs are very sore! Class is so delightful, all day we practice massaging each other so when another person is giving the massage I am getting one!  It's funny though, Thai massage is very deep tissue so by the end of today I was extra sensitive in a few places and had to have very light pressure applied :p

After class I was determined to find some Thai clothes.  Cotton shows the sweat too much... and I don't fit into the clothes they sell on the street because as one girl put it - "oh no, you are a very large size, you need to get clothes custom made..." Another guy was determined to sell me his "one size fits all" pants even after I showed him I was one size too large for them - his flattery wasn't enough though. So I was sent off to a clothing factory where they custom make suits, dresses, etc. WAY out of my price range! 

I thought I'd watched where the tuk tuk took me and decided to walk back. What should have been a 30 minute walk became 3 hours.  I hadn't calculated on few/no street signs, the few street signs being written in Thai (different alphabet in case you didn't know that...) and multiple 12 lane intersections. After a couple hours I was so hungry I ate some food at a little street stand.  The guy pointed to different ingredients and I either shook my head or nodded at each one.  
I then spent forever trying to flag down another tuk tuk and trying to a) explain where I wanted to go as few tuk tuk drivers read English and b) negotiating to a price I was willing to pay.  I was clearly lost and a foreigner, so even though I knew I was only a few minutes walk away I couldn't find it on my own they had full opportunity to jack up their prices.  Thankfully I finally found one who would take me, although I felt a little better as even he got lost twice on the way back to the hostel and had to stop and look at my map. 

Now for a relaxing evening, getting some work done, and another early day tomorrow. If I get to the Wat Pho for 730am I can participate in their stretching exercises - normally not even an option but perhaps I will take advantage of jetlag :)

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donna said...

you can practice on me!! :)
hope to see you!